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What to expect at a first physiotherapy treatment

Personal information and consent to physiotherapy treatment form will be competed.

An assessment will be done to gain a comprehensive understanding of your injury and history. Please bring relevant investigations or reports such as x-rays or doctors notes.

Best treatment approach for your problem will be determined with you. Treatment can be with manual “Hands on” therapy or other techniques listed below.

Rehabilitation, advice and instruction on home management will always be given to best facilitate your healing process. Training suggestions to maintain fitness respecting the healing process. Referral as indicated.

Subsequent appointments will always be started with obtaining information from you on your response to treatment and progress with home management.

Open communication with your therapist is encouraged – no single body is the same and responses to physiotherapy treatment can vary greatly even with the same individual. Please feel free to mail or speak to us if you have any questions, to refresh on your home exercises or if you have any sport related questions.

Physiotherapy treatment techniques include

  • Spine and joint mobilisation or manipulation
  • Specific soft tissue techniques on fascia (anatomy trains)
  • Specific soft tissue techniques on muscle
  • Specific soft tissue techniques on nerve structures
  • Dry needling
  • Taping techniques (McConnell strapping, Kinesio taping and other)
  • Education on the fascinating healing process to involve you in your recovery
  • Postural re-education, biomechanics correction and foundation rehabilitation

Post-operative physiotherapy treatment in liaison with your surgeon

  • Mobilising the joint as instructed
  • treatment for the relief of pain
  • educating you on your healing process
  • guidance with your home exercise program
  • progressing your rehabilitation until biokinetics can be started

Post PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection and ECSW (extracorporeal shock wave therapy) management in liaison with your sports physician.

The best approach to diagnosing and treating an injury, especially a complex problem, is often within your Medical team.

This includes sports physicians, surgeons, radiologists, GP’s, podiatrists, biokineticists, chiropractors and trainers or coaches.

Carmen Andrews Physiotherapy has built excellent work relationships with medical professionals across the field to help achieve the best healing of your injury.