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The WellMom Brand Story

by Carmen Baier - Physiotherapist

The WellMom Brand Story

Why post-natal assessment and fitness?

It started after Carmen A had her first child. Once he was healthy, she could think about getting back into a training routine. But even as a trained physio, she didn’t know exactly where to start with her unique sport and birthing history.

She had always run, so this was the most obvious and convenient jumping off point. But as she got back into training a new, niggling injury popped up. She went looking for answers.

She read textbooks, listened to podcasts, and attended lectures about returning to sport post-pregnancy. After her injury was resolved, she kept learning…she was fascinated! She even flew to the UK to attend Mummy MOT practitioner training.

Two things stood out...
…Most of the info available to moms on the internet is too generic to be much help.
…And in some countries (France, private healthcare in the UK and Australia) all moms have a physio assessment 6 weeks post-delivery to check their healing and guide them on their journey back to strength.

It’s left Carmen A with the conviction that every mom needs a personalised assessment and fitness strategy, so that she has the safest plan to heal well after bearing children. Whether that mom plans to get functionally fit for hefting her kids and groceries around, or if she wants to get back to high impact sports like running or CrossFit. A plan unique to her. And tailored to get her back to the activities she wants to do. And it needs to be available right here in Sandton!

Carmen Andrews and her son
Carmen A and her first child…the start of it all!

What is WellMom?

And so the WellMom Serivce was born.Physiotherapy guided post-natal recovery and fitness…where we aim to get moms well!! (The name was a no-brainer.) We focus on getting you strong and moving -safely- at the level you choose.

Before you ask, no, WellMom’s not really about getting your ass in shape.
…It’s creating your unique and realistic plan, based on your individual healing.
…It’s teaching you about your healing and recovery, nurturing you so that you can nurture your baby.
…It’s encouraging love for self, respect for self, and priority of self-care.
…It’s doing the work now to keep you healthy when menopause changes arrive.
…It’s getting fit at your body’s pace, without slacking off or bashing it.
…It’s providing a safe place to ask all -those- questions. Like, “is it normal that…”.

It’s about healing well, and returning to normal. And then getting you strong. Safely.

Pop across to our WellMom page to learn more about what WellMom offers, and how it can help you.

Mom and baby giggling
WellMom aims to support your recovery so you can enjoy all those special moments!

How do you convey that in a brand?

So…we had a great service for you. But how do you condense all that it entails into a brand?! Something that lives (at least partly!) up to helping moms to be well?

CarmenPhysio (our general practice) is represented by a tensegrity icon. Tensegrity is a concept that explains how tension provides integrity to a structure. We love how it symbolises the need for balance, both within your body and your life. And it helps to explain our approach of restoring health, achieving balance, and supporting you in achieving your goals.

Needless to say, we wanted to tie the concept of tensegrity in. But at the same time, we wanted something that represents a mom. Organic and nurturing, but also strong!

And then the idea of a protea came up.

Mom and baby giggling
Our proudly South African proteas inspired the idea and colour palette for the WellMom brand

Why a protea?

Proteas are fascinating plants that have adapted to thrive under conditions that few plants can survive. According to local lore, the protea flower represents change and hope, and was named after the Greek god Proteus.

If you’re not up on your Greek mythology (no judgement, this was new to me too!), Proteus was a sea god and the herdsman of Poseidon’s seals. He was a shape shifter, able to change forms, and his ingenuity was legendary.

The adjective ‘protean’ grew out of his myth. Today the word protean describes something that is versatile, flexible and adaptable. Quite incredible how much it describes a mom, right?!

And when you combine it with the tough, proudly South African protea…it seems so apt as a symbol of a mother…strong, resilient, adaptable and nurturing!

Our goal…is you!

Our hope is that we can work with you, supporting your recovery. Helping you to re-establish balance within your body and your life. And getting you fit for life!!

And maybe, next time you see a protea, you’ll be reminded of hope and change, and your strength as a woman.

More About Our WellMom Services

WellMom logo - Physiotherapy guided post natal recovery and fitness
The final product! The WellMom logo

More about proteas and Proteus:

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About the author: Carmen B is fascinated by the body and the role that habitual movement and postures have on the movement system. She spent several years practicing physiotherapy while travelling abroad before coming home and joining CarmenPhysio. And she loves moonlighting as a copywriter for our blog. You can MAKE A BOOKING to see her to work out a rehab program that will work for you.

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