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Screening for injury prevention - The Performance Matrix

Injury prevention

If the cause of your injury was unclear, we strongly advise you do a movement screening test to identify the weak areas that could have set the scene for the injury to have occurred.

This is not only for sport injuries.

Neck and back injuries are frequently caused by repetitive strain due to poor posture and movement patterns.

Identifying whether you actually do have:

  • a weak core – many people with injuries don’t
  • weakness in the larger muscles groups
  • a silent stiffness that you are not aware of as you never move there
  • poor sense of position – you don’t know where your ideal postural position is
  • gives invaluable information of how to best address and prevent your problem

We use an objective, research based, online assessment screen that will give you a printed results sheet and final score.

The results will enable me to best guide your exercise program

The final score will enable you to re do an assessment 6 weeks to 3 months to compare whether you actually have improved or not, and where to next shift your rehabilitation.