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Physiotherapist in Sandton

We’re physiotherapists with special interest in neck and back, musculoskeletal and sports injuries, particularly running injuries. Our aim is for you to have a better understanding of your body, to be able to move with confidence and to live the life you’re aiming to achieve.

WellMom Physiotherapy guided post natal recovery and fitness

The WellMom service aims to educate and support you in your physical healing post delivery, and to guide your safe return to exercise. Click HERE to find out more about WellMom.

Neck and back pain

Because we understand movement and the science of pain we are best equipped to provide you with safe and effective relief from back pain with a long term plan to prevent recurrence. Physiotherapy is on the cutting edge of the conservative management of back pain research and rehabilitation after surgery.

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From children to adults we will assist in optimising home-work and work ergonomics and teach you how to minimise discomfort and maximise concentration and productivity. Headaches are often related to neck, TMJ and postural dysfunction, as are poor breathing patterns that impacts your general well-being.

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Sports injuries

At Carmen Andrews Physiotherapy we do sport ourselves – we understand how to protect your injury while minimising loss of fitness, provide technique advice, guide your rehabilitation and reduce the risk of injury recurrence or compensatory injuries. We treat athletes that require specific considerations - juvenile and ultra-endurance athletes.

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Joint and soft tissue injuries

As physiotherapists we take care of your physical movement as your GP takes care of your systemic health. Treating acute and chronic pain and injuries will optimise your recovery, quality of life and confidence. We can help you with ligament sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, osteoarthritic conditions and post-operative rehabilitation.

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Running injuries

We are physios who run. We love running and appreciate what being able to run means to a runner. We aim to keep you fit and get you running safely as soon as possible, while addressing the root cause of your injury. Our solutions lie in the use of innovative and evidence-based approaches.

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Post Natal Physiotherapy

The WellMom service aims to educate and support you in your physical healing post delivery, and to guide your safe return to exercise.

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Meet our physios

  • Carmen Andrews

    Carmen has a love for the outdoor life and sport, with an absolute passion for mountain biking and running. As a mom of a toddler, she understands the physical toll pregnancy takes on the body and the very real challenge of getting fit again.

    Empowering and inspiring you in your recovery is Carmen’s goal. It is important to her that you understand your body, your injury and achieve your optimal level of health and fitness after an injury.

  • Carmen Baier

    Carmen Baier believes in living a full and multi-faceted life, and sees physiotherapy as a tool to empower her clients to do the same. She aims to provide treatments that enhance the wellbeing, lifestyle and experience of each of her clients, using holistic and individualized assessment to tailor physiotherapy treatment to each clients’ needs.

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