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Your Goal for 2019: Physical Resilience

by Carmen Andrews - Physiotherapist

Your Goal for 2019: Physical Resilience
At this time of the year people reflect on the past and make new resolutions…and so do we. For 2019, we’re focusing on achieving physical resilience.

Why Resilience?
Resilience is physical toughness. It means less vulnerability to injury or physical regression.

How is physical resilience achieved?
Simply put, resilience is achieved by moving – moving often, challenging your body in different and new ways, not being afraid to move…and not making excuses not to move.

Who should become physically more resilient?
All of us! But if you have seen a health care practitioner for musculo-skeletal pain, be it for a once-off or a chronic problem, improving physical resilience is a goal you can own.

How does this translate into practical strategies?
Bring in different aspects to your training program or daily routine. Think about what you can do slightly differently and gradually introduce change.

…For anyone who feels their body is slowing down – it means choosing to live every day acting on “what you don’t use, you lose”.
…For runners – include trail-runs or technique drills or a great strength-agility program.
…For exercise haters, chronic workers or those who just do not find the time – simply include more movement in your everyday life. For example, park at the farthermost end of the mall, always take the stairs, have a standing desk work option, or take your family or friends for a walk through the botanical gardens and then coffee, find a hike to do.
…For developing bodies – it means exploring physical activity. Various forms of sports or dance, park runs with a group of friends, indoor rock climbing instead of a movie, train for various sports even if you specialize in one.

Movement is nourishment to the body. It's not a punishment but a joy, like a good night’s sleep or a much-needed lazy evening on the couch!

We have the knowledge and experience to help you to improve your body’s ability to move with confidence. Please feel free to send us an Email with your questions, we would love to help you.

Join us in 2019 as we make movement…and its resulting physical resilience our goal.

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About the author: Carmen A is mom to a very busy toddler, she has a love for the outdoor life and has competed at a high level in endurance adventure sports (particularly in running and mountain bike stage races). She is passionate about functional strength and getting moms back to running after pregnancy. You can make a booking HERE to see her for tips on building your resilience.

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